The Sample Listing here is an assembly of a variety of methods used to create a wine menu.  For each client we customize to their specifications.  In a typical application when the customer makes the selection and touches the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom, the order would go immediately to an ePrinter, tablet, desktop where the wine orders are usually filled (bar?).  The order could be printed, the menu could include some appetizer selections, but would then be prepared for serving by the waitperson.  Orders could be placed from the customers smartphone from the table, bar, patio... even the waiting area.

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Red Wine Menu 

Two sizes - Glass/Bottle   

Or, another method is to simply put an image of the label with a description of the wine and additional information as it suites you.


Bisol Prosecco Brut Jeio

Nicely balanced, dry fizz, with pear and mineral character and a crisp finish, it goes beautifully with strawberries

Vintage: NV
Varietal: Prosecco
Country: Italy

Bin#: 903
Producer: Bisol
Vineyard: Bisol

Glass Price—$7

Bottle Price—$32


Here's a single spreadsheet listing example...
Our Sparkling Wine List includes Champagne, Prosecco & Sparkling Wines
Armand de Brignac Brut 1990 FR Champagne $0.00 $320.00
Bisol Prosecco Brut Jeio NV Italy Veneto $0.00 $32.00
Cook's Brut Sparkling MAGNUM   USA CA $5.00 $30.00
Dom Pérignon 2000 FR Champagne $0.00 $250.00
Freixenet Cava Cordon Negro Brut NV Spain Catalunya $9.00 $35.00
Inglenook Sparkling "Alcohol Removed" NV USA CA $0.00 $20.00
Korbel Chardonnay Spark, Organic NV USA CA $0.00 $22.00
Martini & Rossi Asti NV Italy Piemonte $0.00 $27.00
Moët & Chandon Millesime Rosé 1996 FR Champagne $0.00 $140.00
Moscato d'Asti San Gròd "Organic" 2006 Italy Piemonte $0.00 $25.00
Perrier Jouët Fleur de Champagne 1995 FR Champagne $0.00 $240.00
Piper Sonoma Brut Select Cuvée NV USA CA $0.00 $50.00
Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Brut NV FR Champagne $0.00 $100.00
Pizzolato Fields Prosecco Brut Organic NV Italy Veneto $0.00 $28.00
Rosa Regale Brachetto d'Acqui NV Italy Piemonte $11.00 $40.00
Sutter Home Sparkling "Fre" Brut NV USA CA $0.00 $22.00
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut NV FR Champagne $0.00 $105.00

A sample of a specific bottle listing in a wine menu.
Click on bottle for details...  
Typically a simple view of this bottle of wine would suffice for ordering.  However, should there be a need to further enhance the view or add a better view of a label, we could apply a "mouse over" feature, which would translate into a "thumb over" feature to display the wine details in graphic format. Or, we could include the details in text as we have below....

Armand de Brignac Brut
Soft, fruity flavors enhanced by the light effervescence of this blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes.
Vintage: 1990
Varietal: Champagne Blend
Country: FR
Region: Champagne
Bin#: 915
Producer: Brignac
Vineyard: Brignac
Bottle Size: 750 Ml
Glass Price: -
Bottle Price: $320.00

For wine pairings, create a list of menu suggestions that will be seen near to the suggested wine, where we may even attach photos of the food to allow a customer to order quickly from the waiter directly from your wine menu.  This should also include small plates and appetizers for each wine selection.
 and/or add the following fields to include ordering....

Sample of a "Non-Active" Wine List 

Note - an image of the wine bottle or label is so much easier and affordably used on a digital menu, since there is no printing yet the color of the wine and the credibility of the label is much more conducive to a wine lover.  Consider a wine menu, even a "non-active" one such as this example to increase your wine sales.

Pinot Noir 
Pinot Noir Coastal Vines 2008 Sonoma Valley, CA glass 7 bottle 25 
Rich, plum color with cherry notes and a touch of vanilla

Pinot Noir Montoya 2008 Sonoma Valley, CA bottle 35

Cranberry, sour cherry, raspberry with some touches of vanilla and cinnamon on the finish

Pinot Noir David Bruce 2006 Russian River, CA bottle 99

From one of Americas oldest wine makers comes this rich full bodied wine

Merlot Tinazzi DOC 2006 glass 7 bottle 25
Intense ruby red color. Slightly herbaceous, full fragrance. Smooth, delicate flavor

Merlot Five Rivers 2005 Central Coast, CA bottle 29
Black plum, prunes with raspberry, cedar, and vanilla. Dry palate with warm, ripe and sweet finish.

Merlot Negroamaro Dragonero 2004, ITALY glass 9 bottle 35

Black plums and prunes with a soft delicate taste. Refined in oak French barrel.

Merlot Prato del Faggio 2006 ITALY bottle 49Excellent rich garnet red color, intense bouquet, slightly hearty. Warm with full flavor. (10% Amarone)

Chianti Region 
Chianti Sicani 2005 ITALY glass 7 bottle 25
Intense red ruby tones, a scent of red and black fruit, balanced by sweet and fresh spices.

Chianti Borrelli DOCG 2005 ITALY bottle 29
Light body, dry finish and hearty.

Chianti Palazzo D’Esti 2005 ITALY bottle 29
Spicy light body with cherry and vanilla finish.

Chianti I Mori “fiaschetto” 2005 ITALY bottle 35
Traditional basket bottle wine, wild berry fruits, violets and spicy hints.

Chianti Palazzo D’Esti “Riserva” 2004 ITALY bottle 49 
Full body, dry finish, rich flavors. Oak ageing with elegant scents of red roses. (15% Cabernet Sauv)

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Canalicchio ITALY glass 7 bottle 25
Fruity wine, low in acidity with a deep purple and ruby colors.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva Zaccagnini 2005 ITALY  bottle 35
It has a unique, strong heavenly bouquet and a taste that is dry, full, and robust.

Cabernet Sauvignon 
Cabernet Sauvignon Le due Giarre DOC 2005 ITALY glass 7 bottle 25
Full-bodied color, ripe berry, taste flavor.

Cabernet Sauvignon Windy Ridge 2006 CA glass 9 bottle 29
Intense red purple color with blackberry, chocolate and licorice aromas

Cabernet Sauvignon Louis Martini 2006 Napa Valley, CA bottle 39
Intense aromas of ripe cherry, cassis, and pipe tobacco.

Cabernet Sauvignon Pasqual Toso Reserve 2006 Mendoza, Argentina bottle 34
Unique cherry color, mature fruits, black pepper, coffee and mint finish

Cabernet Sauvignon Alta Vista Premium 2006 Argentina bottle 39
Deep ruby-violet color, full body, fruit flavors with green pepper aromas

Cabernet Sauvignon Dugal Ca De Rocchi 2005 ITALY bottle 49 Full bodied with fruity and spicy fragrances. Very intense flavor. (50% Merlot)