You or your sommelier or your bar help...or anyone knowledgable could make a simple video explaining your wines, using this as an example of how to begin.  We've done hundreds of videos and can create a video for you.  By introducing your own wines in a brief video, you save your wait staff from the task, or provide a reinforcement.  

The video would appear on your main page of your app or on the page with your selections and can also be easily used to embed into your desktop website. It's a chance for your diners to meet and get to know you even when you're not there. Here's a sample...

Train Servers to Sell More Wine - If They Don't Have Time or Aren't Qualified...Have Them Start By Asking Your Customers to Get Your App...And Review the Video!

When was the last time you trained your servers on how to sell more wine? It’s probably time for a refresher course! Remind waitstaff that wine sales are a great boost to check averages and tips! There are at least five optimal times during a meal to sell more wine — do your servers know them? Here’s a re-cap for your next pre-shift meeting:

  1. During the initial greeting of the table. “Can I start you off with a cocktail or a bottle of wine?” Then, mention specials, specialty wines or personal favorites.
  2. When the entrée order is taken. Make sure servers are well-schooled in how to pair wines with specific entrée items.
  3. In the period between soup and salad and serving the main course. This is a good time for a refill or to see if customers would like a glass with their meal. 
  4. When the entrées are delivered.
  5. After-dinner. Many chocolate desserts go great with red wines and some white wines are desserts in themselves.